NFC (Near Field Communications) – The future of mobile communication

What is NFC?

NFC (Near field Communication) technology allows two devices to set up a peer-to-peer radio communication where various pieces of information from one device is passed to another and vice versa.

How does it work?

Technically speaking, NFC sends data over radio waves which is very similar to how Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operates.  This technology is accomplished by bringing two NFC enabled devices closely together (within a couple centimeters) and have one device transmit a signal while the other receives it.

Where is it being used?

  • Contactless Payment Systems- Your mobile device will act as a wallet when paying for goods or services. ¬†Essentially eliminating physical credit and debit cards.
  • Digital Keys – The mobile device will be used as a Key Pass to gain access to an office or secure room.
  • Data Transfer – Share files and contact information with one another.

List of NFC enabled phones

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