The latest Windows 8.2 Rumors

The latest Windows 8.2 Rumors

With Windows 8, Microsoft was planning to bring back the young user group, who had switched over to Apple Mac and other systems, back to its fold through its touch User Interface. But Microsoft had to face a number of user complaints within a few months of Windows 8 release. This prompted Microsoft think thank to come out with an updated version of Windows 8 in the form of Win 8.1.In addition to the improving the end user experience in terms of touch functionality, 8.1 also allowed users to boot directly in to the desktop. This feature was missing in Windows 8.

As a part of providing improved functionality, Microsoft had recently come out with an updated version of 8.1 called Windows 8.1 Update 1. One of the features added in update 1 is the provision of the shut down option in the start screen and the inclusion of a task bar that integrates the old and new user interfaces. This can be seen in the image provided in this image below.

Windows 8.2 Update

But there are plenty of rumors floating about regarding the release of an intermediate version before the big bang release of cloud based Windows 9 in the summer of 2015. Technical analysts from ZDNet predict that Microsoft would be calling it as Windows 8.2. Some of the Windows 8.2 rumors that are doing the rounds include some changes being made to the start screen and make it more like the start screen in Windows 7. Analysts predict that Microsoft would be including Live Tiles to the start screen as part of the Windows 8.2 release. This will allow the users to get a feel of the modern live apps without losing the experience provided by Windows 7 in Windows 8.2.

Other Microsoft 8.2 rumors going around the technology circuit is that Microsoft is planning to make it far easier to get to the start screen and access the various buried sub menus right from the start screen. There are also rumors that Microsoft would be unifying its Windows Phone and Windows app stores under a single entity and release it as part of Windows 8.2. According to certain insider sources, Windows 8.2 would come out with a traditional desktop interface that can be used by both the mouse and keyboard users and also the touch app users. The original start menu would be included as part of the release. One of our favorite Windows News sites Windows Wise covered something very similar in fact. The release that is very likely to be codenamed as threshold would also include metro apps that would come in the form of a mini window in the start screen as show in this figure below.

Windows 8.2 Start Menu

For Microsoft followers, there is a YouTube video available that describes the possible updates that are being planned as part of the Windows 8.2 Threshold release. This video can be seen below!

Windows 8.2 Probable Release date

According to the information available with technology news specialist Techradar, Microsoft is planning to release 8.2 in the fall of 2014 and that could well be in late August or early September. TechRadar has also mentions about some possible inclusion in 8.2 which were left out in 8.1 due to lack of time needed for completing the integration. This includes the integration of Windows Apps and Windows Phone store in to a single store.

Another rumor related to Windows 8.2 that is going around the technology circuit is that the release can also be called as Windows 8.1 update 2. This rumor was first published in a reputed blog site There are a ton of resources out there with new information popping up all the time! The same goes with as they cover everything under the Windows name!

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